I'm Yin-Chun Lin (林盈君), but people usually call me Gina. 

I am a visual / interaction designer with a motion graphics background. I explore, establish solutions to problems and communicate message visually clear with some amusement and romance. I have great passion for user-centered UX/UI, interaction and visual design. I always want to bring joy, knowledge and helps to people through my design especially in digital experience, product and service aspects. 

For me, the core of design is people. Life is part of design and design should help make the tasks of our daily lives more efficient and pleasant. I am a systems thinker. My design process goes through research, sketch, craft experience and visuals, prototype, iterate, communicate with others to find the best way to solve. I care how people interact with, how they feel, how they see, and how design can bring pleasantness and helps in our daily lives.

I am also a nature lover, traveler, coffee drinker, Korean learner. All natural elements and creatures inspire me. In addition, I believe “ Live and learn ”. Learning never ends and I always try my best to learn more.

Feel free to email me at ginayclin@gmail.com