Gina Lin
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McDonald’s Collection

The McDonald’s Collection includes various site design work samples and exploration that I created between 2013-2015
Agency: DDB Chicago


McCafe at Home

“McCafe at Home” introduced the new McCafe coffee with a deep focus on the coffee bean’s origin and quality.

Option 1: Using motion to draw the user in and emphasize the quality right after the short video of the coffee bean’s origin

coffee at home option1.jpg

Option 2: Building a warm environment—whether the user has seen the TV commercial or not—to welcome the coffee at home with hints of Sofia’s journey

coffee at home option2.jpg

Option 3: Adding playfulness to the coffee gallery and making the pattern elements subtly move. The user hovers to reveal each flavor’s information.

coffee at home option3.jpg

Option 4: As the user selects the flavor they’d like to explore, relevant content populates on the page with each corresponding color tone.

coffee at home option4.jpg

Mobile Motion Highlight:
The flavor name on the closed state (each colored menu bar) turns into the headline on the expanded state (each content box) as it slides in. Then, other elements including sub-headline, copy, and the package smoothly follow and animate in.


Dollar Menu & More

This digital campaign introduced the Dollar Menu’s huge food selection, while highlighting each item’s taste by its flavored animation.

Design Version:
After many different phase site launches, I wondered how the user interface could be more intuitive and visually appealing, which led me to create this version.  


McCafe Flavored Coffee

“McCafe Flavored Coffee” invites people to know the three coffee flavors: hazelnut, French vanilla, and caramel in a pleasant and light way.

Flavor Animation: