Gina Lin

LG G5 & Friends

Creating an experience to introduce LG G5 & Friends to millennials


Background & The Goals

LG launched LG G5 with a quick reload battery and modularity functions. One of the key features is that people can combine different product modules such as a camera module, a 360 camera, 360 VR glasses, etc., to the phone to extend functionality. They called the accessories “Friends.” Unlike the standard product page that was more product-focused and had a consistent look and feel within, the goal for the experience was to create an interactive site that promotes the characteristics of LG G5 & Friends to millennials.



Created the visual direction and UI design mainly in collaboration with creative director, art director, copywriter, and development team from Haus.


Approach & Process

There were two product launch phases—the teaser site and the microsite to introduce LG G5 & Friends. The leading concept for LG G5 & Friends was “playground.” As the tagline goes “Life’s good when you play more,” the primary tone was playful, inviting, and fun.


Phase 1: The Teaser Site

The teaser site provided a brief glance for LG G5 & Friends products after the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event in 2016. When people scroll down, each product module comes into the site smoothly, side by side with each subtle animation. We also considered the product module to be flexible to switch to accommodate localization for different countries’ market availabilities.

Color played an important role for LG G5 & Friends. There were two focuses:

  • Be playful and delightful
  • Distinguish LG G5 from their major competitors. The primary color for G5, we explored from the LG red to the spring, lime green.

Phase 2: The Microsite

Taking inspiration from a slot machine structure, the microsite allows a user to mix one LG “Friend” and one toy to play various interactive mini games, experiences, and videos. There are a total of 45 different matches to keep users playing and exploring the new fun products.



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