Gina Lin
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Graphic & Motion Design Collection


First Personal Logo:


I love the forest. My last name “Lin” also means forest. Forest elements played a big part in my first personal logo design, spelling out my first name “Gina.” Additionally, I like mushrooms and the mushroom shape resembles a lowercase letter “g”.


Daily Loop


My personal icon set that tells the story of my typical working day when I first started working in Chicago in 2013. As time went by, I saw how my schedule changed and evolved.

daily loop black.jpg

Demo Reel 2012

My demo reel 2012 collects my motion graphic works between 2010-2012


Savannah Film Festival

This is a break-bumper for the Savannah Film Festival. Combining Savannah’s tourism, I used “color bar” as a metaphor guiding viewers to the Savannah film world. The various colors represent different stories and feelings in films. The tone of the Savannah Film Festival bumper is youthful, passionate, and happy.