Gina Lin



Iā€™m Gina (Yin-Chun) Lin. I am a product designer with a strong visual design skill and a motion graphics background. I explore, transform research insights, and establish solutions for product, web, and mobile experience designs. I currently live in Chicago, IL.

For me, the core of design is a deep understanding of the users and the problems, a consideration of business goals and constraints, and making the best design solution through the UX/UI design process. I care about why we make design decisions. I care about how people will interact with products, how they will feel, what they will see, and how design can help bring pleasantness to our daily lives.

I think systematically and strategically to enhance product experiences. In a team, I welcome and share feedback to enhance the products and learn from cross-functional team members. I collaborate closely with development teams to provide design annotations and specifications. In addition, I am continually learning new technology capabilities and coding languages.

In my leisure time, I enjoy traveling, learning, and cooking. I love nature, plants, animals, and Korean cuisine. Nature and the people around me are my inspiration.

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